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A happy and functional community is the key to success. We want you to be a part of our journey as we transform the business world forever because your success will be our success.

How it works

You invest in one of our exclusive brand-building NFT’s TODAY, and gain access to our educational masterclasses to support your development and learning needs


The Sophisticated Penguins are on a mission to change the whole community-building landscape, join their weekly adventures and be a part of the fastest growing NFT and Crypto Community in the World!

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This is community marketing

Community marketing is an equal opportunity, for equal work, with equal rewards for all, no matter where you are in the world you are welcome! When YOU join the GNG Community and start collecting our Brand building NFT’s you gain so much more than just an amazing NFT. You join a functional and proactive community, that is collective, educated, informed and engaged. The opportunity of affiliation, team building and the feeling of belonging to something big and unique is our ultimate offer to all. The GNG Community is different

from any other community in the NFT space or any other markets. Our concept will secure the community and will build credibility and increase the sustainability of the community as we grow. The GNG Community are working towards the goal of becoming the largest NFT Community in the world, we have covered all aspects of what a good opportunity should look like. We are proud to present GNG Community and our concept of community marketing. Join us on this exciting journey and be part of a bigger and better future.


The sophisticated penguin


  • That the penguin is the most social of all species on earth
  • That they live in large groups (communities) their whole lives
  • That when they work (hunt) they work in groups of 5 – 20
  • That is why we are proud to have the sophisticated penguin as the creative brand identity of the GNG Community

This is our NFT collection

Choose one of the below


This is a bonus NFT


This is a bonus NFT


5 Levels


6 Levels

$1 000

7 Levels

$2 000

8 Levels

Green Bundle

  • Perfect starter
  • 3 NFTs
  • Unlocks all levels
  • 5% Extra gifted PNGVN Tokens

Blue Bundle

  • For growth
  • 4 NFTs
  • Unlocks all levels
  • 10% Extra gifted PNGVN Tokens

Silver Bundle

  • For leaders
  • 5 NFTs
  • Unlocks all levels
  • 15% Extra gifted PNGVN Tokens
$1 900

Gold Bundle

  • For entrepreneurs
  • 6 NFTs
  • Unlocks all levels
  • 20% Extra gifted PNGVN Tokens
$3 900



The growing development of NFT technology and products, opens up great opportunities for a community. The recent years have seen growing volumes of capital flow into the NFT market, both as a way to increase wealth, through speculation and as a way to invest in an emerging market that in the future will connect Blockchain technology with traditional markets.

For individuals, the great variety of opportunities in the NFT space can be daunting, which entails risk of losing assets or missing opportunities due to the lack of access to undervalued assets.

This is the niche market that the GNG community and The PNGVN Token will impact, with phenomenal Investments in this market like no other company to date.


And Investment Opportunities

We will run the best masterclasses, with professional and expert trainers, so that the most up-to-date information is shared with our community. This adds further value to being a part of the GNG Community and you get all this just with the purchase of one of our brand-building NFTs, it could not be Simpler!


From Q2 2023 community members can attend Masterclasses that will teach you all you need to know about NFT’s. This is FREE for ALL Token Holders in GNG


Also, From Q2 in 2023 YOU will be invited to our monthly investment webinar. Where we will share the investments GNG will be making and how you can invest with us and take advantage of our business strategies and due diligence. This is also Free for ALL Token holders in GNG

Early Days

We are still in the early days of NFT’s, and it’s very likely that we’ll see a new crop of interesting NFT use cases and experiences that are outside of anything being done today evolve in this emerging market.

It’s hard to predict what the future will bring, but here at GNG Community we give you the opportunity to get involved in the NFT world in a simple and exclusive way. As they say, the best way to predict the future is to invent it yourself, or be part of the evolution!

The Community is a strong driver, unlike in traditional markets the Blockchain and NFT markets are heavily driven by communities. Successful NFT projects are built on social dynamics.  Exclusivity helps create demand and social status. However, the true power of NFT communities lies within the incredible marketing power, that they can unleash on social media, as customers that transform into ambassadors.

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