Welcome to the GNG Frequently Asked Questions page. Here you can check out our members most commonly asked questions and answers

How can I purchase an NFT?

It is very easy, you need a GNG account to purchase our brand building NFTs, The Sophisticated Penguin is the brand identity for GNG and the only way to enter, learn and earn with GNG.

How can I contact GNG?

You can contact us when logged into the Back Office or from the GNG community website under the help tab or send an email to [email protected]

How can I achieve the best results to build my community?

The best way to build your community is to start the GNG opportunity with an NFT bundle package and invite 2 to join you on this journey, teach them to do the same and work towards duplicating your collective efforts, this is the fastest and best way to build your community.  We call this business process Do-Teach-Repeat, the system built for success.

How and on what day do I get my community rewards?

You need to have a USDT TRC20 wallet address to receive your rewards, which needs to be added to your back office account, you then need to put a withdrawal request by Thursday 23:59 London time.  You will receive your rewards by Friday Midday London time the following day.

How do I promote GNG?

There are many ways to promote GNG, but the best way is to use the power of your relationship to help people to understand and do what you do, this is called word-of-mouth marketing.  We also have many promotional teaser videos under the marketing tab on the GNG community website that can be shared and downloaded to promote GNG.

How do I sponsor and sign up new community members?

In order to sponsor and sign-up new community members you need to share your unique URL from your back office dashboard.

Can I sign up people from abroad?

Yes, GNG is a global opportunity and you can sign up people from abroad.

How can I change my personal details on my account?

From your back office you can change your address and telephone number.  For any other changes you will need to send an email to [email protected].  Please note you are not able to change the username on an account; other details can be changed, and some will incur a cost of up to $25.

How can I set up a MetaMask account?

It is very straightforward, and we have a video tutorial on the GNG community website under the Education tab, under tutorials, there is also a step-by-step guide.

How to find a Sponsor?

You need a sponsor to sign up to the GNG opportunity, if you do not have a sponsor you can contact us at [email protected] and we can refer you to a local leader in your country to act as a sponsor.

Can I get a refund?

The GNG brand-building NFT is a viable digital product and when you purchase it you also take ownership, as they are unique and individual with a smart contract, unfortunately they are non-refundable. Please make sure that you are purchasing the NFT product that you would like to own to avoid any disappointment. Read more about our refund / cancellation policy here.

Can I have more than one account?

You are able to have multiple accounts but need to have a different email with each account and this may be tricky to manage.  The company recommends that you have one account on which you can hold a number of NFT’s and build your community from there.

Can I Receive my NFTs to a common wallet from multiple accounts?

Yes, you can use the same MetaMask address on multiple accounts to receive your NFT’s.

Can I receive my NFT to platforms other than MetaMask?

We recommend MetaMask as the wallet to receive your NFT, from there you can send it to other compatible wallets.  Please make sure that any other wallets used are compatible, as the company is not responsible for any lost NFT’s in this process.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

You are able to withdraw a minimum $25, please note there is a 2% handling charge on all withdrawal amounts to cover transaction fees.

When do I receive my NFT?

We air-drop NFT’s twice a month as long as your MetaMask wallet address is in your back office.

Where or on what platform can I receive my NFT?

You receive your NFT on your MetaMask wallet and you can open this on the OpenSea platform, which is an NFT market place.

Can I transfer my NFTs from OpenSea to other platforms?

Yes, as long as the receiving wallet is compatible please make sure before you move to other platforms that you are able to do so, as the company is not responsible for any lost NFTs in this process.

Can I sell my NFT?

Yes, if you wish to you can put your NFT for sale on an NFT open market, you are responsible for this and for setting the price as the owner of the NFT’s smart contract.

Why can't I find / see my NFT?

By default, all NFTs sent to the given MetaMask account in your BO are hidden. You need to unhide / publish it in your account in order for it to be fully visible.

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