GNG Storyboards

The Sophisticated Penguins are on a mission to change the whole community-building landscape, join their weekly adventures and be a part of the fastest growing NFT and Crypto Community in the World!

PNGVN Adventures

Week 1

On our way… to a new era in community marketing

Hundred’s of sophisticated penguins came together on the 18th March 2023 to the Grand E-Launch of Global NFT Group. What an event it was setting the grounds for a whole new era in community marketing.

Week 2

“Do-Teach-Repeat” a System built for success

After the Grand Launch last week, the sophisticated PNGVN’s are on a serious mission to grow the largest NFT and Crypto Fund in the world.  There simple “Do-Teach-Repeat” system is designed for success, but if you are going to do it, DO IT RIGHT!  All it takes is YOU and TWO!  Follow the system for success and make sure everyone is your team does the same, and in no time soon you’ll be a team of Gold Hat PNGVN’s, teaching the world a better way to grow a happy and functional community!

Week 3

FFF… Financial Freedom Friday… The GNG Way!

Our sophisticated penguins have been diligently following the do-teach-repeat system for success and seeing huge results.  As the community grows everyone is rewarded and all share a common goal, to build the world’s largest NFT & Crypto Fund.  Every Friday is FFF the GNG Way.  Financial Freedom Friday, loaded wallets mean a happy and functional community!

Week 4

Give the gift of PNGVN Tokens, the gift that keeps giving

This week the busy Sophisticated Penguins are joining the festive spirit and sharing the gift of the April bundles, that are full of PNGVN tokens!  Don’t miss your chance to fill up and let’s Spring into action this April!

Week 5

All you need to secure your future is to share the GNG opportunity with two

The sophisticated penguins are spreading the GNG opportunity and showing others the way to a better more secure future. Working in small groups is how penguins work and get the best results. It only takes two to make things happen in GNG so make sure you get your TWO!

Week 6

We are on our way… to RIGA!!!

The sophisticated penguins are getting ready to attend the event of the year, tickets for Riga, Latvia are fast selling out, don’t get left at the back of the queue, make sure to book your ticket today and make sure your team books as well.  See you all in Riga.

Week 7

Leaders Go the way and Show the Way!

The sophisticated penguins are packed and ready for the first Leaders event in Riga. With all the appropriate items packed it’s going to be a fantastic trip. Motivation, mindset, growth and the will to make things happened are just some of the checklist items that leaders will be travelling with. GNG partners are looking forward to seeing the leaders in Riga for our historic event. What happens in Riga, will never stay in Riga!

Week 8

What happens in Riga will never stay in Riga

Top leaders have gathered to learn, be informed and be inspired, to take this opportunity to the whole world. There is strength in conformity, like-minded people drive positive change and strengthen the core opportunity within GNG. This weekend marked the first GNG leaders event and what an event it was. One thing is for sure, you have the opportunity to make your life the way you want it to be and take many along with you. GNG will be for today, tomorrow and always.

Week 9

Bundles Build Business

After a successful event in Riga the Sophisticated Penguins are taking advantage of the GNG Bundles, to really grow their business. Promoting bundles to your community means you get more and you give more. With extra PNGVN tokens available with bundles it’s makes the greatest sense to get your brand-building NFTs with the bundle collection. The Gold bundle will give the greatest gifted tokens and that is where the community will be attracted to. The bundles come in Green, Blue, Silver and Gold and are live on registration, this will open up the whole GNG opportunity to the masses. Don’t miss out and beat the growing que’s for GNG Bundles!

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