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The Sophisticated Penguins are on a mission to change the whole community-building landscape, join their weekly adventures and be a part of the fastest growing NFT and Crypto Community in the World!

PNGVN Adventures

Week 1

On our way… to a new era in community marketing

Hundred’s of sophisticated penguins came together on the 18th March 2023 to the Grand E-Launch of Global NFT Group. What an event it was setting the grounds for a whole new era in community marketing.

Week 2

“Do-Teach-Repeat” a System built for success

After the Grand Launch last week, the sophisticated PNGVN’s are on a serious mission to grow the largest NFT and Crypto Fund in the world.  There simple “Do-Teach-Repeat” system is designed for success, but if you are going to do it, DO IT RIGHT!  All it takes is YOU and TWO!  Follow the system for success and make sure everyone is your team does the same, and in no time soon you’ll be a team of Gold Hat PNGVN’s, teaching the world a better way to grow a happy and functional community!

Week 3

FFF… Financial Freedom Friday… The GNG Way!

Our sophisticated penguins have been diligently following the do-teach-repeat system for success and seeing huge results.  As the community grows everyone is rewarded and all share a common goal, to build the world’s largest NFT & Crypto Fund.  Every Friday is FFF the GNG Way.  Financial Freedom Friday, loaded wallets mean a happy and functional community!

Week 4

Give the gift of PNGVN Tokens, the gift that keeps giving

This week the busy Sophisticated Penguins are joining the festive spirit and sharing the gift of the April bundles, that are full of PNGVN tokens!  Don’t miss your chance to fill up and let’s Spring into action this April!

Week 5

All you need to secure your future is to share the GNG opportunity with two

The sophisticated penguins are spreading the GNG opportunity and showing others the way to a better more secure future. Working in small groups is how penguins work and get the best results. It only takes two to make things happen in GNG so make sure you get your TWO!

Week 6

We are on our way… to RIGA!!!

The sophisticated penguins are getting ready to attend the event of the year, tickets for Riga, Latvia are fast selling out, don’t get left at the back of the queue, make sure to book your ticket today and make sure your team books as well.  See you all in Riga.

Week 7

Leaders Go the way and Show the Way!

The sophisticated penguins are packed and ready for the first Leaders event in Riga. With all the appropriate items packed it’s going to be a fantastic trip. Motivation, mindset, growth and the will to make things happened are just some of the checklist items that leaders will be traveling with. GNG partners are looking forward to seeing the leaders in Riga for our historic event. What happens in Riga, will never stay in Riga!

Week 8

What happens in Riga will never stay in Riga

Top leaders have gathered to learn, be informed and be inspired, to take this opportunity to the whole world. There is strength in conformity, like minded people drive positive change and strengthen the core opportunity within GNG. This weekend marked the first GNG leaders event and what an event it was. One thing is for sure, you have the opportunity to make your life the way you want it to be and take many along with you. GNG will be for today, tomorrow and always.

Week 9

Bundles Build Business

After a successful event in Riga the Sophisticated Penguins are taking advantage of the GNG Bundles, to really grow their business. Promoting bundles to your community means you get more and you give more. With extra PNGVN tokens available with bundles it’s makes the greatest sense to get your brand-building NFTs with the bundle collection. The Gold bundle will give the greatest gifted tokens and that is where the community will be attracted to. The bundles come in Green, Blue, Silver and Gold and are live on registration, this will open up the whole GNG opportunity to the masses. Don’t miss out and beat the growing que’s for GNG Bundles!

Week 10

Live Events Create The Buzz!

We were preparing and planning to be in Bucharest on the 11th of June. With over 100 tickets sold penguins were going to be untied to share the GNG experience, unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances we had to postpone the live audience event, that the reality of business you will face ups and downs but continue to move on. The event has been scheduled for the 8th of July, so stay tuned and be prepared for a bigger and better gathering.

Week 11

Money, money, money!

It’s now going to be easier to make a payment for your sophisticated penguin brand-building NFT. GNG can accept Visa, Mastercard, Revolut, Apple Pay, SEPA, and SWIFT bank transfers as well as Tether. We are currently testing our payment solution before we move to full integration in a couple of weeks. This solution will make access and inclusion much easier from around the world. How will you pay for your penguin???

Week 12

Get your MetaMask wallet ready!

 As the distribution of NFT’S gets closer the sophisticated penguins are busy getting their MetaMask wallet addresses sorted out. Make sure you have your MetaMask address added to your back office so that you are ready to receive your NFT, tutorial video is under resources in the media section of our website. Soon the time will come when your MetaMask wallet address will be as accessible as an ATM transaction.

Week 13

PNGVN on the way up!

This week we hit 14 cents, thank you to all those who have committed to the journey. The GNG community will be a force in the NFT space. Congratulations to all those who have joined and taken advantage of the opportunity to be part of a happy and functional community and work towards our common goal. Onwards and upwards.

Week 14

Air drops on the ready!

This week we are finalising the contract of distribution for our brand-building sophisticated penguin NFT’s. More news on the way. Get ready to receive your Air dropped NFT to your MetaMask wallet. The sophisticated penguin NFT the only way to enter and earn as you learn from the rising NFT space.

Week 15

 The GNG Success Plan

The Sophisticated penguins are spreading wider and wider with the most effective meetings being one-to-one. Using the do-teach-repeat method and building with bundles gives the greatest numbers back with the gifted PNGVN tokens. Reach out to all for the best opportunity to enter and earn while you learn and grow.

Week 16

Let’s Get Down To Business

The GNG opportunity is all about openness and transparency, so this week the sophisticated penguins are proud to announce Straight Talk Tuesday’s, a bi-weekly Zoom drop-in session where you can have all your questions answered, raise any comments and also drop in to find out how to make the most of the GNG opportunity. Drop in on Tuesday and see you all soon on the next Zoom.

Week 17

Ready to Rock Romania!

The sophisticated penguins are dropping in on Romania this week for a fantastic weekend event. Looking forward to recruiting into the GNG opportunity in Romania and opening up to more global markets. Let’s go team Romania.

Week 18

The Rise of Japan

Japan takes the PNGVN token to 16 cents! Watch out for the new penguins on the block. The GNG opportunity hit the Japanese market with huge success and in the space of 10 days we saw a fantastic rise in the gifted PNGVN token price. Building a happy and functional community is the core to success for GNG and now with the Asian market, on board as well, we can boast an almost completely global opportunity. A huge well done to Japan and the amazing leadership, looking forward to seeing how the next weeks play out for the sophisticated penguins.

Week 19

Sophisticated Penguins Landed!

What a momentous week for the GNG community, we had the first live air drop of our brand-building NFT’s landing in wallets. Mark Nishiyama from Japan and Tero Takamaa from Finland were the first GNG members to receive their Sophisticated Penguin NFT’s going down in GNG history. Subsequently, over 1000 NFT’s were distributed with so many more ready to receive these unique one-off Penguins.

Week 20

GNG Securing every possible interest!

Extra added security for PNGVN back office holders was implemented with an extra security layer to enhance the business systems. 2FA allows the sophisticated penguins to protect their accounts with personalised security. Another step in the right direction for GNG.

Week 21

Work, Rest & Play makes a Penguins Day!

Holiday season is over and the sophisticated penguins are ready to take the business opportunity to the next level. GNG allows you to enjoy the fruits of your labour and come back even better, this is what brings fantastic results to the GNG business. Let’s go!

Week 22

PNGVN On The Rise

This week the GNG community took the gifted PNGVN token to 18 cents, another fantastic milestone for our happy and functional community. The key to success in GNG is our joint venture business model, where the community does it’s part and the company delivers on its commitments, creating a perfect Business synergy for many years to come. It’s time to buy into real value and the PNGVN token is always great value.

Week 23

NFT Bundle Bonanza!

Bundle Bonanza for leaders retreat in Istanbul announced. The sophisticated penguins will be gathering for a luxury weekend in Istanbul on the 14th September to celebrate 6 months going live in business. To join and get the VIP treatment you qualify with 10 gold bundles. Looking forward to seeing many new leaders in Istanbul soon.

Week 24

We announce 4 extra Zoom’s this week!

GNG corporate announce 4 extra Zoom meetings this week. The holiday season is over and the sophisticated penguins are ready to take the business opportunity to the next level. GNG allows you to enjoy the fruits of your labor and come back even better, this is what brings fantastic results to the GNG business. Let’s go!

Week 25

We Hit 20 cents

Congratulations to the whole GNG community as today we hit our first 10 cent increase milestone to take the PNGVN token to 20 CENTS, powered by the community. The commitment, belief and support continues to shine through as we are hitting new brand-building sales numbers every week. There is still so much to come and those buying at 20 are buying into real value as we grow the strongest community in the NFT space. A huge well done to All our teams across the globe!

Week 26

Global Tour is Go Go Go!

A Global whirlwind tour has started for GNG Leaders, kicking off in Japan from the 1st to the 6th September, 7th to 13th in Bucharest and culminating to our leaders retreat in Istanbul from the 14th to the 17th of September. We are building up the community on a daily basis, if you can, catch one of our live meetings and find out what all the buzz is about, real numbers, real people, real opportunity without the hype.

Week 27

Global Leaders Unite in Istanbul

This week corporate and leaders are all gathering in Istanbul for our second leadership meeting and it’s going to be special. This weekend marks 6 months in business and we have a lot to celebrate and successes to recognise. There will be corporate, community and business news also time to rest and reflect for learers attending from around the world. GNG going from strength to strength. Delivering a world class business opportunity across the entire globe.

Week 28

Raising the bar the GNG way!

After a fantastic event in Istanbul, leaders for GNG have returned to share the most amazing news from the leadership training and weekend of celebration. “There is so much to come and we are just getting started” was the take-home message for all that attended the event. With everybody now ready to fly and take this opportunity to the next level, looks like we are going to make new monthly records once again this month. Remember, build the community once and see the benefits over and over again, is our secret key to success and no one does it better than GNG! Everyone will be lifted to a new level moving forward.

Week 29

GNG is all about delivery

We launched our 6 month delivery report and it was hugely received by our community. Not only does it show case our first 6 months of going live in business but it is also a fantastic marketing tool. Packed with information about the community, our delivery against our numbers to strengthen our PNGVN token and what the next 6 months will look like. There is no company in the world in this space that is 100% transparent, accountable and delivery based like GNG. If you want to be a part of true delivery and not hype then GNG is the only company that offers you everything, an opportunity to have short, medium and long term gains. GNG going from strength to strength. With you every step of the way.

Week 30

GNG is Dynamite

As we have meetings arranged around the world the narrative has been written. This has now become the slogan of many who are finding there future in safe hands. Even though GNG is dynamite sounds dangerous it reflects how amazing this opportunity really is. The most explosive opportunity that is blasting off around the world. Don’t be fooled GNG is dynamite and will blow you to a higher level of success.

Week 31

We hit 100!

Another milestone for the Sophisticated Penguins as we secure over 100+ investments on behalf of the GNG community! Committed to delivering and securing a brighter future for all is our number one goal. So, this week we celebrate another milestone for the company! One community, one goal will help us to become the number one community in the community building space and this is the best opportunity where our community is the driving force behind the company. There is no better place to enter, learn and earn from the rising NFT and digital asset markets than GNG. No company will match us on a viable and sustainable business model that gives back so much to its community members. Together we will make history and transform the landscape of community building by doing things the right and most ethical way. GNG with you all the way.

Week 32

PNGVN at 22 Cents

A fantastic effort by the GNG community going from strength to strength saw the price of our PNGVN token go up another 2 cents to 22 cents. The powerhouse behind the PNGVN token is the community as we build the community to take the price to 50 cents before listing. This will not only strengthen our tokenonomics but will be proof that a happy and functional community is the key to business success. Congratulations to all gifted token holders together we will be a true force in the NFT and crypto space.

Week 33

Are You Active or Frozen?

The sophisticated penguins are being organised so that we can move forward in full force. A happy and functional community is the key to success in GNG. We want our community to be active with a brand-building NFT that allows them to earn as the community grows. These Active community members will gain the most from the community rewards and have the opportunity to earn over and over again. The Frozen community members will keep their NFTs and gifted PNGVN tokens and when they re-purchase a brand-building NFT they are are able to earn from the community rewards. You decide Active (earning) or Frozen (waiting), how to make the most from the GNG opportunity.

Week 34

GNG Japan Power Tour

Over the next 2 weeks, corporate are joining Japanese leaders across the country on an 8 city tour to take the GNG opportunity to everyone across Japan. A country steeped in community tradition is exactly the place the GNG opportunity will thrive. With exciting announcements on the tour, this will be an explosive time for Japan and GNG. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of GNG together with our happy and functional community we will be an unstoppable force for many years to come.

Week 35

Growing from Strength to Strength

The art of success in Community building is all about duplication and sustainability. Your community is your strength in GNG and we have built a very simple system for success, called Do-Teach-Repeat to build your one-time community and get the benefits over and over again. You invite and find 2 members, work with 2, teach 2, build with 2 and sustain with 2. This will give you the benefits of a one-time built community, that can be rewarded over and over again. Do-Teach-Repeat is all about the power of 2, take action, teach the system and repeat, Keep It Super Simple and the rest is taken care off. GNG the only community you will ever need to be a part of!

Week 36

Momentum is the key to success in community building

This week GNG company launched the 7-day Fast Start Bonus to help new community members to understand the Do-Teach-Repeat system and to be able to act on it with speed and see results quicker. You start with a bundle and invite two to join your community in the first 7 days. If this done you receive an extra 500 gifted PNGVN tokens, are active to earn in the community building plan. Your wallet is also unlocked and you can take out you earnings every Friday. If all new members work towards the 7 day Fast Start Bonus there are so many benefits. You start growing your community immediately, you are active to earn, you can withdraw earnings and if all follow you can complete your community matrix of 510 people in just 8 weeks. Take control of your GNG vehicle and get off to a great start with the Fast Start Bonus.

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