Kari Wahlroos

President of Global Sales & GNG Partner

Driving a happy and functional community is the ultimate goal of Global NFT Group, at the helm sits Kari Warhloos, President of Global Sales and GNG Partner.  With over 30 years of experience as a renowned Leader in the world of direct sales Kari started his entrepreneurial pursuit at the tender age of 6 and has sales in his blood.  Known in the industry as the first creator of Mega Networks with organisations of millions he is a recognised Global Leader, speaker, mentor and motivator.  Under his guidance and vast experience, the GNG community will grow with professionalism and nurture the best leaders in the world.

Kari  Wahlroos

Leading from the front is the GNG community

Read what our community leaders have to say about the GNG opportunity and why being a part of a happy and functional community is so important

Jim Persson

Landskrona, Sweden

I have had an entrepreneurial mind all my life and always been curious about new things and how they work. For the last 5 years I’ve been working full time with crypto & networking and I have really seen the potential in this new world, but not found the right place, until I started with GNG and it’s community. An NFT & Crypto fund together with a community driven token that gives dividends is simply ingenious. I’m absolutely sure we have found the right way to create a very successful future together. This is a brilliant opportunity and also so attractive with our branded NFTs and token. We have the possibility to create real freedom, that I believe is so important for generations to come. When I saw this opportunity I thought to myself yes, finally someone is doing it the right way. Keeping it simple yet very professional, transparent and prosperous.

- GNG Community Marketing Leader

Pascal-Rene A. “Goose” & Mircea Crisan “Maverick”

Timisoara, Romania

Pascal got his first lesson in this industry by selling insurance through an MLM company and Mircea started MLM in 2003 after quitting his business trading fuels. On his first event, there were 700 people in the room. After that meeting, he understood that MLM is a sustainable business if done in a professional manner. This is what we both firmly believe to this date, which is why GNG is such an amazing model. We finally met in 2014 and after working 18 months side-by-side and both understood that by joining forces, you can lift each other to amazing heights of success! As a team we had incredible results. When the pandemic separated us, it was a must without any question to create one more time, the biggest success story in the history of network marketing and that is why we are here today, with the best opportunity ever to do just that! Collectively we share 33 years of knowledge and have been and seen everything. We are here to build over the next 30 months, a team of hundred members who make a seven figure re-occurring income. Our energy and enthusiasm is enough to lift any stage and with the DO-TEACH-REPEAT system it is easy for you to become successful, because we both lead by example. We are true top guns in the GNG community and are better known as the Goose and Maverick!

- GNG Community Marketing Leader

Mark Nishiyama

Osaka, Japan

One day, I got a message from Kari Wahlroos my good friend of many years back and found out he was in Borneo, Malaysia. I asked what he was doing and he replied an index fund for crypto. A light went off as I remembered seeing how Vanguard started the first stock index fund. One thing led to another and a week later my wife Miki and I were in Borneo where we met Tony Berntsen. Together, they helped me to understand the project. The next week Kari and Tony B were in Osaka that was the catalyst to making my team grow to two hundred plus members and it’s still growing. Big thanks to the the two of them to get Japan started. What I liked most about what I heard was that 95% of all the money that comes into the company goes back to the community. I had never heard of such a company before. No community building company lets their people know where the money goes once it comes in. This was unprecedented in the MLM industry. Now the sky is the limit for JAPAN! GNG will be my legacy for generations to come along with a huge fortune. GNG it’s Dynamite, GNG it’s time to Ignite!

- GNG Community Marketing Leader


Tallin, Estonia

I have over 20 years of experience in community building, and GNG has been amazing, they are really trying to make a huge impact in this market. I got in and learnt the system and it gets better day by day. If you are new to community building or have been involved previously then there is only one place to be today and for the future and that is GNG.

- GNG Community Marketing Leader


Hua Hin, Thailand

As an avid collector, I was mesmerised by the NFT Collection available through GNG, the fact that you can collect and earn from NFT’s is something that I have never seen, and I got started immediately. I have found a new home here at GNG and am so excited for my future, I am all in and want to help to change the lives of as many people as possible with this amazing company.

- GNG Community Marketing Leader


Kampala, Uganda

After my appreciation of the exponential growth of the NFT market, my search to find the best project to participate in begun. GNG came out as my best choice, due to the credibility, accessibility, and transparency of its founders, as well as a clear and exciting roadmap. I have found GNG to be easy and simple but also a lucrative business model, that focuses on a happy and functional community next to none. Thanks to my sponsors for showing me the way.

- GNG Community Marketing Leader


Ontario, Canada

GNG's transparency and professionalism is top-notch. The way the team listen to the clients and at the same time prioritize the products is epic. The reward program is incomparable to others. Thank you GNG TEAM for this mesmerizing opportunity in the cutting-edge technology of NFT’s, that is changing the world and leading to financial freedom.

- GNG Community Marketing Leader

Dcoach - Frode G.

Oslo, Norway

Technology is changing so quickly and is affecting all areas of our lives. "In the next 10 years, 50% of the jobs in the world will disappear." Robots will take our jobs and we need a plan. What will you do to secure yourself and your family in the future? A completely new opportunity has come to light, the Non-fungible token (NFT) will be the next big boom. Thank you GNG.

- GNG Community Marketing Leaders

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