The Rise of Japan

The great leadership in Osaka Japan got GNG off to a fantastic start with the business opportunity presentation on the 1st of September followed by the grand launch of GNG Japan on the 2nd of September and Kari’s explosive leadership training on the 3rd of September 2023.  All three events were sold out and have set a huge precedence to take things forward in Japan.

With over 150 participants the audience were educated about the GNG opportunity way, dazzled by local entertainment, and excited by recognitions within Team Japan.  It was a memorable event for all and with so many sign-ups a fantastic foundation was set for GNG Japan.  The photos speak a 1000 words and we can see that!

There was an electrifying atmosphere and a 10 000 PNGVN token prize winner as well as a huge specially designed GNG cake to end the event on a sweet note. We are looking forward to the Rise of Japan.

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