The GNG Rumble in Istanbul

GNG leaders from around the world gathered in the beautiful city of Istanbul to enjoy a 3 nights’ stay at the beautiful Seven Hills Palace and Spa, it was a truly regal experience! NFT Bundle Bonanza winners joined the top leaders in GNG and the whole Corporate team to share the long weekend.

There was a chance to relax, rewind, reflect and new friendships and business relationships were cemented over the 3 days. With a firm commitment and strong leadership, GNG will go above and beyond any expectations.

With only one corporate meeting organised for the Saturday, everyone was able to really enjoy the stay and the additional facilities, and a great comradery grew between the group.  At the leaders meeting five presentations were delivered with Q&A and the corporate 6 month Delivery report, which was really valued by all.

Leaders left the meeting extremely excited with a clear idea of our key 6-month business delivery and what the next 6-month deliverables will be moving forward. Our President of Global Sales, Kari Wahlroos’ ended the formal meeting with an impeccable closing in his own unique style and we then celebrated individual recognitions and gifts to all those who attended.

Saturday night was all about celebrating with a cruise on the Bosphorus, with full entertainment and experiencing the food, drink and dance of Istanbul.  A great time had by all with many memories to take home.

The leaders retreat was a huge success and a first experience for many, it will be a time that will never be forgotten and go down in GNG History… make sure you don’t miss the next one!

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