The Japan power tour entailed eight cities over 10 days and was a truly exhilarating experience for GNG corporate. Japan, a country steeped in history, tradition and business excellence proves to be a phenomenal market for GNG.

All events were sold out, with GNG members and guests, interested in increasing their knowledge about the GNG way. All meetings involved the delivery of the GNG opportunity, corporate training on our “Do-Teach-Repeat” system and how to build a one-time community matrix, corporate facts and figures followed by question and answer sessions.

Japanese members and guests from Nara, Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya and Osaka, gave positive feedback to the tour as, “most useful to gain more information and increase knowledge base”. All that attended the tour felt empowered to take the opportunity forward and this will bring further success for GNG Japan.

Highlights of the tour included the launch of the seven-day fast start bonus, where new members have 7 days from joining to invite their two in and earn an extra 500 gifted PNGVN tokens. The 7-day fast start bonus was modelled at every event in Japan, in conjunction with “Do-Teach-Repeat” to showcase how to get started and move swiftly, working with only two people.

All credit goes to the great leadership in Japan that made this tour such a huge success. All in all, it was a great balance of business, community engagement and enjoying the Japanese culture with amazing after-meeting events.

A Great future is on the horizon for GNG in Japan, well done and keep shining.

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