GNG were invited to the first live event in the beautiful city of Timisoara in Romania and it was a huge success. Fantastic hospitality was coupled with a well-organised and attended event, the first of many to come in Romania.

The audience were excited with amazing presentations, the full GNG concept, It’s all in the numbers and how to get started and motivated for success in GNG, delivered from key leaders, in Romanian and a clear strategy to take the opportunity to the whole of Romania was set out.

GNG corporate were hosted for the weekend and had an opportunity to spend time with local leaders and community members, it was a great chance to mix, mingle and understand how things were working on the grassroots level.

There will be many exciting outputs from Romania in the very near future and we look forward to visiting again soon!

Congratulations to Mircea Florin Crisan and Pascal Rene Andre for their wonderful Leadership and really taking the GNG opportunity to the next level, not only in Romania but across Europe. The future looks bright for these rising stars and puts Romania firmly on the GNG global map. When in Romania, do as the Romanian’s, watch this space…

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